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Larry Hampton has practiced the art of black-and-white photography since 1970. He has been a loyal adherent to the traditions of film and the darkroom, and has recently embraced digital printmaking. His work has received awards in juried exhibitions at all levels from local to international, has been published as greeting cards, and is found in numerous corporate and private collections. His formal training was in optometry, and he continues to practice that profession in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


My philosophy is that there is art and intrigue in much of what we pass but do not notice. My goal as a photographer is to see those things, creating images that engage the viewer at some level. An enabler in seeing, if you will, hence my emphasis on the Details gallery. In my view, an artist’s task is to create work for his own soul, and in the doing, give pause to the viewer.
The absence of color in a photographic image renders it less realistic, more abstract, more subject to interpretation. My response to good black-and-white photographic art is visceral as well as esthetic. It moves me, and I endeavor to evoke a similar response with my work. If now and then someone thinks “Hmmm”, then I am a success.         

                                                                                                                            Larry Hampton



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